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A Thrilling Interactive BallPlayTM Experience

BallocityTM has become known as the must-have FEC anchor attraction; its success stems from its unbeatable combination of award-winning Foam Factory® BallPlayTM technology and Contained Play elements. With BallocityTM, guests get a big theme park type of experience, within a compact FEC footprint.

A shoes-off environment, BallocityTM is a patented attraction that features multi-level platforms, interactive blasters, vacuums, fountains, cannons and buckets that propel, throw, raise, vacuum and dump thousands of foam balls. BallocityTM creates multiple levels of family fun since adults too, can join in on the action!


Product Features

  • Utilizes patented Interactive BallPlayTM technology within a soft contained play structure
  • Caters to youngsters and teenagers
  • Multi-level attraction maximizes capacity and throughput
  • A shoes-off environment
  • Encourages extended stays and repeat visits
  • Increases attendance admission
  • Enhances premium birthdays and events
  • Theming available